Do you want to

LMC can help you with this. What’s more, we work hard to make sure people find fulfilling jobs. You ‘re definitely going to make a great new team member.

What are we like?

On top of this, you can also

  • attend events in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • drink exclusive tea from our tea master
  • go on a trip to an apartment in the Alps
  • find the perfect work-life balance
  • absorb the latest know-how
  • take time off on your birthday
  • join us planting trees below Ještěd
  • bring children, dogs or a bicycle with you
  • enjoy six weeks of vacation
  • have a "try-out" day
  • spend up to CZK 12 000 in the Cafeteria
  • have a great view of the Vltava while working

and much, much more…

Join us and make a difference in the job world

We have a lot to offer. We help companies find employees. We help HR specialists with the recruitment process. We provide education for employees or make sure future employees notice you. Join us for a chat and a nice cup of tea!