We are LMC

We are improving the world of work. You might not have heard of LMC, but we’re sure you’ve heard about the online products we design and develop. Our handiwork includes well-known brands like Jobs.cz and Prace.cz, as well as new products like Práce za rohem or Atmoskop.cz that help the right people find the right jobs. Then there’s Teamio, a tool that helps companies manage the recruitment process. And we also have Seduo.cz, a platform for employee education – because we're convinced that learning new things is an integral part of being successful in the fast-paced world we live in. We're always working on something new, and we already have a couple of products with great potential up our sleeves. We're here to support both HR people and jobseekers alike because we’re all about symbiosis, and because we believe that those who seek shall find.

What's it like working here?

You should know

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    It looks like a walk in the park at first, but we work really hard. There are no slackers here, and no bullies either.

  • 02

    Our job is our hobby, so we are expected to put a lot of effort into it.

  • 03

    The pace here is really fast, so we don’t have much time to train juniors. You'll be thrown in at the deep end.

  • 04

    We need people who know how to ask questions, improve, and learn from their mistakes. People who are not afraid of looking like fools just for asking a question. People who can stand up for themselves.

  • 05

    We need proactive people who can work in a state of controlled chaos, without getting too hung up on technicalities.

  • 06

    We have no time for shirkers or freeloaders. Our call centre is not just about “mindless dialling”; we are looking for people with brains, people who want to work on themselves. Ask questions, discuss things, share your ideas.

  • 07

    You need to come up with your own vision. You'll have a lot of freedom and sometimes you'll get assignments that are open to interpretation.

  • 08

    The concentration of Despicable Immoral Contemptible Knavish Schmucks per square meter is extremely low here.

  • 09

    Working here can be a challenge for gentle, introverted people. Discussions are an everyday thing, and those who find it difficult to put their ideas forward and promote them might receive less attention.

  • 10

    We may look like a hippie company and we do have amazing working conditions, but don’t forget that we’re still a business that needs to deliver profits and value.

  • 11

    Although the growth of our users is our main focus, the growth that we need to deliver every year is in the turnover and profits of our owner, Alma. And because we do deliver, we're free to decide how we run our business ourselves.

  • 12

    When choosing new colleagues, we rely on the vibes a lot. Would they like to have a beer with us? Would we want to invite them?

  • 13

    Face to face, we're very open and informal – so be ready for that.

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What do our employees love?

  • Informal atmosphere.
  • Learning opportunities.
  • Nice work environment.

Having measurable targets gives us freedom – otherwise, everyone would want to add their two cents, and that would be impossible to work with. But we have our targets and the freedom to decide how we're going to deliver them.

Corporate atmosphere in a nutshell

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Meet our board

  • Milan Jasný

    Our big boss man

    “We want people to love what they do, and it would be a shame to apply that only in the Czech Republic. That's why I see our future as very much abroad. Our mission can reach out and touch most of the population. I 'm convinced that we have a lot to offer people and companies across Europe, and it would be a shame to deprive them of this opportunity.”

  • Zuzana Mikulová

    Keeping a watchful eye on our finances

    We work with big numbers in finance, but we're a relatively small department compared to the rest of the company. We pride ourselves on being able to help all the other departments across the business and on being able to cooperate fantastically with each other. We are currently investing heavily in automating and simplifying everything we can.

  • Petra Smetáková

    She takes care of People & Culture

    We appreciate people. We try to find the best in them, the potential and the passion to make their work fulfilling. We support their development, not only professionally, but also on a personal level. For us, company culture is not simply words in a presentation nor a methodological treatise. The values we live by are everything to us. Not only are they written into our processes, but they are to be found within everyone's DNA. That's why we have People & Culture, which (not only) addresses these topics. Depending on what's needed at the time.

  • Ondřej Mysliveček

    Making sure we're on top of Technology

    Although some may think we're a recruitment agency, LMC is actually a tech company, so it's no surprise that we're the second biggest department with around a hundred people. Our job is to develop all LMC’s apps and products, to keep them running, and to be a good buddy to the business department. We also take care of our servers and databases and provide tech support to everyone who needs it.

  • Petr Procházka

    captain of the good ship Sales

    Our priority is to have a friendly, human approach to the clients and to each other. We live and breathe our vision, where money is simply the reward for taking good care of our customers and for helping them grow. Of course, money is what sales and business are about, but we are taking a different path. Having know-how, gaining the client’s trust and building rapport – that’s what we’re all about.

  • Alfred Simuna

    Our Strategy & Business Development fortune-teller

    Business, as we call the department, covers many things. It includes product management, user experience, user research, marketing, data analytics, market research, PR, customer care, and internal communication. In total, there are about 60 (very agile) people in the department.

Our values – what matters to us.