Techloop Terms & Conditions - Company Users

LMC s.r.o. issues these general terms and conditions of the Techloop platform for company users.


Techloop offers the possibility to connect candidates with hiring companies via an online platform. The entire selection of candidates, any mutual communication, negotiations on conditions of a future agreement etc. is performed between you and the candidates. It is up to you how successful you will be in occupying the vacancy thanks to Techloop and its functionalities. We shall certainly take care that Techloop works effectively, is attractive and good for you to work with it. We will be glad to assist you with using it.

Article 1    Definitions

1.1        The terms and definitions used in these Terms have the following meaning:

1.1.1       Agreement: any agreement concluded between the Parties, the content of which is providing the Services. The Registration does not constitute an Agreement for these purposes;

1.1.2       Basic Access: selected Services provided upon the Registration and detailed out in Article 4.2 of the Terms;

1.1.3       Cancellation: termination of the auto-renewal as agreed in Article 6.6 of the Terms;

1.1.4       Candidate: an individual interested in obtaining employment or other activities performed in similar legal arrangement, through Techloop upon electronic registration under respective Provider’s terms;

1.1.5       Company: a business operating individual or a legal entity who becomes a user of Techloop on the basis of the Registration;

1.1.6       Company Profile: a public part of Techloop administered by the Company from the non-public part, with the objective of representing the Company vis-à-vis the Candidates through placement of suitable Content;

1.1.7       Content: information and various materials (photos, videos, presentations etc.) which are uploaded as data entries to Techloop and generally accessible on the Company Profile, visible in User Account or in communication between the Candidates and the Company;

1.1.8       Techloop Sourcing Service: additional Service involving further support and activities of members of staff of Techloop as detailed out in Article 8 of the Terms;

1.1.9       Excluded User: independent human resources consultant, head hunter, recruitment agency or another subject the business activity of which is offering or mediating of work or another form of cooperation and/or direct recruitment of employees and/or employment of individuals for the purpose of further assignment of employees or external co-workers.

1.1.10    Fee: overall designation of any fee for the Services, i.e. in particular flat charges and other remunerations which the User is obliged to pay to the Provider and which are indicated in the  Pricelist  or upon special mutual agreement of both Parties;

1.1.11    Limitations: number of active Company´s Users in any given time, number of conversation made by Company in purpose of contacting Candidates via Techloop for the actual length of Subscription plan and number of published Job Offers in any given time. The Limitations for the Company during its Subscription is determined by selected Subscription plan. The Limitations of each Subscription plan is reflected in the Pricelist on the Website;

1.1.12    Login Data: a unique login and an allocated password created during Registration or changed later, as the case may be;

1.1.13    Offer: offer of the Company for a particular job vacancy or for another form of cooperation;

1.1.14    Parties: the Provider and the Company;

1.1.15    Placement: a moment when the Company and the Candidate have agreed on future cooperation, regardless of its form or specific conditions;

1.1.16    Pricelist: the Pricelist for Services maintained and administered by the Provider with the up to date version always being published on the Website;

1.1.17    Provider: LMC s.r.o., Identification No.: 264 41 381, with its registered office at Menclova 2538/2, Libeň, 180 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic, File No.: C 82484 maintained with the Municipal Court in Prague;

1.1.18    Prohibited Content: has the meaning defined in Article 11.3 of the Terms;

1.1.19    Recruitment Agency: independent human resources consultants, head hunters, recruitment agencies, employment agencies or other entities the business activity of whom consists in offering mediation of work, direct recruitment of employees and/or employment of individuals for the purpose of further allocation of employees or other similar activities;

1.1.20    Registration: electronic registration of the Company into Techloop; for more details see Article 3 of the Terms;

1.1.21    Registered Company: any Company that has a Registration and is not a Subscribed Company;

1.1.22    Services: services provided by the Provider to the Company under these Terms which means in particular the possibility to use the functionalities of Techloop and to receive the relevant support;

1.1.23    Subscribed Company: any Company with an active Subscription, i.e. any Company that has entered into any agreement on Subscription that has not been terminated yet;

1.1.24    Subscription: set of Services rendered to Companies in accordance with terms set out in Article 6 of the Terms;

1.1.25    Subscription Plans: specific Subscription alternatives as offered by the Provider in Techloop;

1.1.26    Subscription Period: the period of validity of the Subscription according to the selected Subscription Plan;

1.1.27 Techloop: movable intangible object – computer programme, which means an information system as a copyright work performed by the Provider, for which the Provider has all relevant rights, available on the Website, consisting of a public and non-public part, where the non-public part is accessible after entering the Login Data, its main functionalities being described primarily in these Terms or the related documentation and/or on the Website;

1.1.28    Terms: these Techloop terms and conditions for users – companies;

1.1.29    Third Party Service: service other than Service which directly supports Service and its administration (e.g., payment card data processing) under these Terms and which is provided by a subject other than the Provider under the conditions agreed by the Provider with such subject;

1.1.30    User: the Company and/or the Candidate;

1.1.31    User Account: non-public part of Techloop accessible to the User by entering the Login Data; for more details see Article 4 of the Terms;

1.1.32     Website:  website and any underlying or connected websites.

1.2        References to particular articles and provisions are references to the articles and provisions of these Terms, unless provided otherwise. Unless explicitly stipulated otherwise, the terms, nouns, names etc. in singular include the same in plural and vice versa.

1.3        Headings are given solely for reasons of clarity and have no importance for use or interpretation of these Terms.

Article 2 Introductory Provisions, Basic Description of Techloop

2.1        Techloop enables search of particular Candidates and subsequent mutual communication and other interaction between the Company and the Candidate. Such use of Techloop by the Company may result in a particular Offer, regardless of its form. The Provider, however, never enters the relations between the Company and the Candidate, the Provider´s activity does not even help to conclude an agreement between the Company and the Candidate.

2.2        These Terms stipulate the rights and obligations of the Company and Techloop in connection with using the Services. Under these Terms the Company undertakes to act towards the Provider honestly, in good faith, conceal nothing from the Provider, refrain from acting against its interest or circumventing such interests.

2.3        The Parties deal with each other within the performance of their business activities.

2.4        The Services may be used to the extent to which they are available on Techloop. The specific extent and content of the Services agreed between the Parties beyond the framework of the Basic Access is always determined by an accepted offer contained especially on the Website. Upon acceptance of the offer the Agreement between the Parties is established, the subject of which are the relevant Services provided against payment.

2.5 The contractual relationship between the Provider and the Company shall also be governed by the General Terms and Conditions for Businesses available at the website

Article 3 Registration

3.1        Techloop may not be used without a Registration. Any legally competent individual or duly established and existing legal entity with the exception of Excluded Users may register.

3.2        By confirming the application for the Registration, the Company declares that:

3.2.1       it is neither subject to insolvency proceeding nor is it in danger of such proceeding, has not gone into liquidation nor are there any other circumstances with the Company which might put in danger performance of the obligations under these Terms, damage the Provider or any User;

3.2.2       it is fully competent to make the Registration and fulfil all obligations arising therefrom (including fulfilment of obligations from any concluded Agreement, as the case may be);

3.2.3       it has all authorizations in compliance with the law of its home state needed to perform the activities in relation to which it intends to publish the Offers.

3.3        The Registration into Techloop is made electronically by filling in the data required in the registration form on the Website or through the Third Party Service, in particular through the social networks, if enabled. Techloop strongly recommends the Users to choose a safe password in compliance with generally accepted standards (especially according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology – in order to avoid misuse of the Company Profile and its data. The Company shall be solely liable for a loss of the password not caused by the Provider.

3.4        Prior to the Registration, the Company is obliged to get acquainted with these Terms, which is expressed by the confirmation of the application for the Registration. This applies also to other related terms and conditions, including the Privacy Protection Principles of LMC s.r.o. The Company also represents that there is no obstacle on its side to make the Registration.

3.5        By the Registration and agreeing to the Terms a contractual relationship between the Parties is established which shall be governed primarily by these Terms and other terms and conditions published on the Website.

3.6        A successfully finished Registration enables the Company the Basic Access to Services.

3.7        The Registration may be simply withdrawn free of charge in the form of a relevant order on the Website or through telephone communication with the Provider, as applicable.

3.8        By withdrawal of the Registration, the already established and unsettled obligations between the Parties shall not cease. Unless agreed otherwise, the Registration may not be withdrawn before the termination date of the last (still effective) Agreement.

3.9      Techloop is intended solely for end users. Independent human resources consultants, head hunters, recruitment agencies, employment agencies or other entities the business activity of whom consists in offering mediation of work, direct recruitment of employees and/or employment of individuals for the purpose of further allocation of employees or other similar activities shall not use Techloop Services.

Article 4 Access and Use of Techloop, User Account

4.1        On the basis of the Registration the Company obtains the right to access Techloop through the User Account.

4.2        The Registration, unless a Subscription of the Company has taken place, authorizes the Company solely to the Basic Access which involves in particular:

4.2.1       login and access to the User Account;

4.2.2       administration of the Company Profile without its publication;

4.2.3       insight into the catalogue of the Candidate profiles in anonymised form;

4.2.4       or other functions enabled by the current version of Techloop, as the case may be especially with the full or limited trial.

4.3        The User Account represents the non-public part of Techloop. The User Account is accessible solely upon entering the Login Data. The Company obtains the Login Data during the Registration.

4.4        The Company is liable for keeping the Login Data confidential and is obliged to protect them from any loss, theft or misuse. The Company is not entitled to transmit the Login Data to any third party.

4.5        Should the Company find that the security of its Login Data has been endangered or infringed, it shall be obliged to change it without undue delay. At the same time it shall notify the Provider of this fact.

4.6        The Provider shall invalidate the particular Login Data and provide the Company with new Login Data on the basis of the notification pursuant to Article 4.5 of the Terms or if requested by the Company.

4.7        Due to an urgent technical or security reason the Provider is entitled to change the Login Data even without the consent of the Company and without prior warning. The Provider shall announce to the Company the new Login Data in an appropriate form without undue delay.

4.8        The Company is obliged to ensure that all persons to whom the access to Techloop will be enabled, comply with these Terms and shall be liable for any damage incurred as a result of such use.

4.9        The User Account includes in particular Techloop user settings, data and definitions of access rights of individual persons on behalf of the Company and settings of the Company Profile. Through the User Account the Company may perform solely the activities which Techloop enables. The Company is obliged to use Techloop solely for the purpose for which it is intended and may not perform anything that might cause limitation or non-functionality of Techloop and/or any detriment to the Provider, to another User or to any third party. The scope of the right to use Techloop is further stipulated by Article 13 of the Terms.

4.10     The Company shall primarily not interfere in the Techloop technology in any way or misuse it in any way. In using Techloop the Company is obliged to comply with all valid and effective legal regulation of the home state of the Provider and the Company and the EU or other legal and other standards, if obligatory for the Company, as the case may be.

4.11     The Company is liable for the accuracy of the data and information provided during the Registration in the User Account or on the Company Profile and in the Offers.

Article 5 Company Profile and its Content

5.1        Each Company creates and administers its own Company Profile through its User Account.

5.2        The purpose of the Company Profile is the Company´s own representation vis-a-vis the Candidates. For this purpose, the Company publishes on its Company Profile the Content which must not be the Prohibited Content. The Company is solely liable for the Content, except for the Content modified in compliance with Article 19.4 of the Terms. The Company may publish the Content only to the extent as enabled by Techloop.

5.3        Each Company is individually responsible for accuracy and verity of the data and information which it will publish in the Company Profile through Techloop, including their compliance with legal regulations and these Terms. By placing the Content in the Company Profile the right is established for the Provider to use it in order to fulfil the purpose of Techloop. This right is non-exclusive, territorially unlimited. It shall cease by withdrawal of the Registration. More detailed conditions relating to the Content are stipulated by Article 11 of the Terms.

5.4        The Company acknowledges that the Company Profile is not publicly displayed on the Website until the moment of activation of the Subscription. Upon termination of the Subscription for any reason the Company Profile shall be hidden.

Article 6   Subscription

6.1        The Subscription allows the Company to use primarily the following Services:

6.1.1       full access to the Candidate profiles;

6.1.2       database search functionalities seeking suitable Candidates based on selected parameters;

6.1.3       publishing of job Offers limited to number of job Offers based on selected Subscription plan;

6.1.4      contact Candidates with preliminary Offer limited to number of conversations based on selected Subscription plan;

6.1.5       publishing of Company profiles to Candidates;

6.1.6       or other functions enabled by the current version of Techloop, as the case may be.

6.2        On the basis of using selected Services in Subscription, a basic interaction between the Company and the Candidate can be initiated whether by Candidate’s reaction to the Offer or another way.

6.3        The Subscription is established upon conclusion of an Agreement between the Parties, only a Registered Company may enter into such Agreement (one Company can have only one active Subscription at a time). The Agreement is concluded by choosing from one of the Subscription Plans, especially via a dedicated functions in Techloop. The Agreement shall not be concluded in case the Company fails to enter all obligatorily requested data/information. The Agreement on Subscription is an agreement on providing services, consisting primarily in publishing Offers through Techloop as an electronic medium, without a direct intermediary activity being performed by the Provider.

6.4        The Subscription is activated by completion of the checkout on Website or by issuing respective invoice. Its current amount is always specified in the valid Pricelist and on the Website unless otherwise agreed between the Parties.

6.5        The Agreement on Subscription is always concluded for a fixed period based on the selected Subscription Plan, the end of which is determined by the Subscription Period, unless agreed otherwise.

6.6        The Subscription Plan shall be automatically extended at the end of the Subscription Period for a fixed period corresponding to the Subscription Period (auto-renewal). The extension shall, however, never exceed the period of 12 months. This extension may be repeated without limitation. The Subscription shall not be automatically extended in case the Company notifies the Provider by using relevant functionality on the Website no later than the last day of the current Subscription Period. No refunds (partial or full) can be requested during the Subscription Period. If a Subscription is cancelled, it is always canceled at the end of the Subscription Period; therefore, it is not cancelled on the date of the request for cancellation of the auto-renewal by the Company via the Website.

Article 7  Payment Conditions of the Subscription

7.1        Unless provided otherwise on the Website, the Fee for the Subscription is paid in advance for the entire fixed period of the relevant Subscription plan, always by the first day of the fixed period, the following being applicable:

7.1.1       the first payment of the Fee for the Subscription shall be made online using the payment card in the payment gateway;

7.1.2       data on the payment card shall be automatically stored by the Third Party Payment Services provider;

7.1.3       all next payments of the Subscription Fee shall be automatically deducted from the stored payment card no later than by the due date.

7.2        By concluding the Agreement on Subscription, the Company explicitly agrees with the procedure pursuant to Article 7.1.

7.3        The Company is obliged to maintain sufficient balance on the account to which the payment card used for payment of the Fee for the Subscription is linked. In case of expiration of the payment card or another reason for changing the payment card data, the Company shall be obliged to update immediately the payment card data in the User Account. Failure in this respect may result in termination of the Registration.

7.4        The Provider shall issue an electronic invoice for each payment made which it shall deliver to the User Account and/or by email. The Company agrees that the invoice will be issued by electronic means.

7.5        The Company acknowledges that payment services are Third Party provided Services and are governed by separate terms and conditions for such a Third Party provided Service.

7.6        Under a separate agreement of the Parties the Provider may enable another form of payment of the Fee for the Subscription, e.g. in the form of payments on the basis of an invoice issued in advance with an agreed due date.

Article 8 Techloop Sourcing Service

8.1        The Techloop Sourcing Service represents a package of the Services provided against payment by the Company on the basis of the concluded Agreement. The Agreement is concluded upon confirmation of the offer to use the Techloop Sourcing Service in written or oral communication with a staff member(s) of Techloop and confirmed subsequently by email or in another similar way. Only a Subscribed Company may enter into an Agreement on the Techloop Sourcing Service . The Agreement shall not be concluded until the Company enters all obligatorily required data. The Company acknowledges that as to the subject, the Techloop Sourcing Service relate to Techloop, not the legal relations between the Company and the Candidate.

8.2        The effects of the Agreement on the Techloop Sourcing Service are established at the moment of delivery of a confirmation of activation of the Techloop Sourcing Service by a message to the User Account and/or by email to the Company. The agreement on the Techloop Sourcing Service is concluded for an indefinite period, unless the Provider offers to conclude the agreement for a fixed period.

8.3        The purpose of the Techloop Sourcing Service is primarily to enable the Company to use all functions of Techloop, optimize using the function of the choice of the Candidate´s parameters, optimize the functions for communication with the Candidates and provide further necessary customer support within the framework of using Techloop and its functions or e.g. provide information about news and innovations in the framework of Techloop.

8.4        Within the Techloop Sourcing Service a staff member(s) of Techloop shall be assigned to the Company and shall provide the Company any and all information and respond to all inquiries relating to Techloop and its functions and Services. A staff member of Techloop shall provide advice to the Company relating to the operation of Techloop and assistance during its usage; a staff member shall also provide basic support during initial operations, setting the Company Profile and the function of selection of the Candidate parameters. More detailed information relating to the Services in the Enterprise Service may be published on the Website or in specific terms and conditions.

8.5        The Company acknowledges that the Techloop Sourcing Service does not include in particular negotiations between the Company and the Candidate through the Provider, planning and performance of work interviews by the Provider or other similar negotiations. All mutual negotiations between each other are performed solely by the Company and the Candidate. 

8.6        The Provider is entitled to refuse conclusion of the Agreement on the Techloop Sourcing Service in particular in case it has an unpaid receivable due from the Company.

Article 9  Techloop Sourcing Service Payment Conditions

9.1        By Processing of Information, the Techloop Sourcing Service is deemed rendered and Provider´s entitlement to payment of the Fee for the Techloop Sourcing Service is established.

9.2        For the purpose of Article 9.1., Processing of Information means:

9.2.1       Manual or automated processing of the information confirming a Placement, which information was provided by the Company, Candidate or any third person or found out by the Provider on its own; or 

9.2.2       Manual or automated processing of the information that the Company closed (deleted or otherwise invalidated) the Offer published in Techloop unless it is proven that the offer was closed for another reason than due to the Placement.

9.3        The amount of the Fee for the Techloop Sourcing Service is provided in the current Pricelist and the Fee is binding by the day of Processing of information pursuant to Article 9.2. Unless agreed otherwise, the Fee indicated in the Pricelist is paid for one event of Processing of Information.

9.4        The Provider shall issue to the Company an invoice for the provided Techloop Sourcing Service immediately after the Processing of Information took place, unless agreed otherwise.

9.5        Should there occur an Operative Event within 3 months from the Placement in the Techloop Sourcing Service, the Company may require Techloop Sourcing Service for same or similar Job Offer without any additional Fee or discount on this Fee. Should the Operative Event occur within 1 month from the Placement the discount on the Fee is 100%.Should the Operative Event occur within 2 months from the Placement the discount on the Fee is 50%. Should the Operative Event occur within 3 months from the Placement the discount on the Fee is 20%. The Operative Event means the situation, where:

9.5.1       A final cooperation agreement between the Company and the Candidate has not been concluded and it is obvious that it shall not be concluded; or

9.5.2       The cooperation between the Company and the Candidate was terminated after its commencement due to reasons other than infringement of any obligations (including these Terms) by the Company.

9.6        The Company is obliged to announce to the Provider the Operative Event no later than within 1 week from the day of its occurrence, otherwise the right to require a discount shall expire. The Company is obliged to give evidence of the occurrence of the Operative Event in a credible manner.

9.7        In the extent of a justifiably required discount pursuant to Article 9.5. the Provider shall issue a credit note for the Company. For establishment of the entitlement to the credit note discount the Company shall be obliged to accept it explicitly in written. The Provider undertakes to return the Company the paid Fee in the amount of the accepted credit note no later than 30 days from the date of such acceptance.

Article 10 General Payment Conditions

10.1     The Fees are charged in Czech Crowns (CZK) for companies with their domicile in the Czech Republic. Other Companies are charged with the Fees in euro (EUR). If the Fees are indicated only in EUR, they shall be converted for the invoicing purposes (payments) to CZK by the exchange rate stated in the Pricelist.

10.2     Each payment made to the benefit of the Provider shall be considered as settled by the date of its crediting to the Provider´s bank account.

10.3     Unless the method for payment of the Fee is explicitly defined in these Terms or in specific terms and conditions, the Company shall make use of such payment methods that are currently enabled by Techloop – the Company is always informed about them on the Website.

10.4     Unless provided otherwise in these Terms, each Fee is due within the time limit of 15 days from the date of issue of the invoice.

10.5     The Fees are provided without VAT, other taxes or charges, unless explicitly provided otherwise. The Company acknowledges that should the relevant financial operation be subject to taxation or subject to compulsory charges, the charged Fee shall be increased by such tax or charge.

10.6     In case of Company´s default on settlement of any payment to the Provider, the Provider shall be entitled but not obliged to require payment of a default interest on the amount due of 0.03 % daily.

10.7     In case of a Company with a domicile outside the EU the VAT shall be charged in the regime of the reverse charge, i.e. all Fees shall be charged without VAT, the Company being obliged to calculate, declare and pay VAT in the state of its domicile. The information of the reverse charge application shall be provided in the relevant statement (tax document).   

10.8     The Provider is entitled to offset anytime any receivables against the Company regardless of their currency and legal relationship from which they arise, against any receivables of the Company against the Provider.

Article 11  Prohibited Content and Protective Measures

11.1     The Company shall be liable for all Content uploaded and published by the Company on Techloop. Sharing of the Content (including specific verbal communications) in the form of communicating with the Candidates is also considered publication. 

11.2     All Content published by the Company must be true and up-to-date, must not be in conflict with business practice or legal regulations and these Terms. A breach of this obligation may give rise to the Company’s liability for damage or damage according to the relevant legal regulations or these Terms.

11.3     The Company must not publish through Techloop in particular the following Content:

11.3.1    hateful, violent, vulgar or discrimination communications and conditions in the Offers concerning race, ethnic origin, nationality or citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, age, health disability, religion or pregnancy, maternity or paternity and sexual identification;

11.3.2    obscene or of sexually explicit character and offers of sexual services;

the Company shall take into account that the Candidate need not be of legal age pursuant to the laws of his/her home country;    

11.3.3    showing violence, politically oriented content, untrue content and/or content of fraudulent character;  

11.3.4    offering work or activities prohibited by law and/or offer of such work or activity performance of which could lead to committing a crime;  

11.3.5    advertising or any other form of promotion of services or products of third parties or the Company or activities that do not relate to the Job Offer and/or any other prohibited advertising (including promotion of alcoholic and tobacco products, prescription medications and drugs, financial products and consultancy or gambling);  

11.3.6    including any form of corruption conduct or any other unfair competitive conduct;

11.3.7    infringing third party rights, in particular intellectual property rights;

11.3.8    content that could cause any damage to or non-functionality of Techloop or HW of the Provider or any other Users;

(“Prohibited Content”). In case of any doubts, it shall be deemed that the Content is Prohibited Content.

11.4     The Company shall be obliged to inform the Provider of the Prohibited Content published by another User as soon as the Company learns of such Prohibited Content and to delete or make unavailable such Prohibted Content.

Article 12  Changes, Updating and Availability of Techloop

12.1     The Company acknowledges that the Provider may amend, improve and further develop Techloop. The Provider shall exert reasonable efforts in order to avoid significant worsening of the position of the Company with which it has concluded any effective Agreement.

12.2     The Provider may change the technical solution of Techloop for operational or other reasons.

12.3     For the purposes of adjustments and further development of Techloop, the Provider shall be entitled to use any feedback from any Company, without the Company’s claim to financial settlement.

12.4     The Provider may change the Techloop Web Internet address at any time. If possible, the Company shall be informed of such a change well in advance. A change of the Web Internet address with simultaneous redirection to a new address may be performed at any time without previous notification.

12.5     The Provider shall guarantee at least 95% Techloop availability in a calendar year. The Provider shall not be liable for any damage that might be caused by non-functionality or unavailability of Techloop. Techloop functionality on various equipment may differ.

12.6     Unavailability means the period of Techloop non-functionality caused by the Provider, except for the events stated in Articles 12.7 and 19.5 of the Terms.

12.7     The Provider may perform Techloop outage in the necessary extent after prior notification, in particular due to Techloop maintenance, updating or upgrade or in the event of disturbance by unauthorized person, in particular in the event of an attack to Techloop or

the Provider’s integrity. If it is possible, the Provider shall inform the Company in an appropriate manner of the dates and times of the planned outage in advance, as a rule at least 24 hours prior to the planned commencement of the maintenance.

12.8     The Provider undertakes that during Techloop operation the Provider shall resolve any potential technical problems, defects, failures, unavailability and/or non-functionality of Techloop.

The Provider has established technical support – contact persons shall be stated on the Web. 

Article 13  Intellectual Property and Protection Thereof

13.1     The Provider is the exclusive operator or Techloop and owner or person authorized to exercise the rights connected to Techloop. All Techloop content including information, graphics, photographs, pictures, texts, buttons, business names, trademarks, logos and any other elements on the Web shall be protected by copyright and other legal regulations relating to intellectual property. 

13.2     As a result of the registration, the Company’s free non-exclusive right shall be established to use Techloop (i.e. its current version) and protected content as it is described in the provisions of art. 13.1 of the Terms. Such use right has been granted without any territorial restrictions for remote access to Techloop via the Internet for the purposes for which Techloop is used, which is given in particular by its functionalities. The use right pursuant to these provisions shall terminate upon cancellation of the Registration or the relevant Agreement (regarding functionalities that are only accessible by the Company on the basis of such Agreement). 

13.3     The Company shall not be entitled to copy or adjust Techloop in any manner whatsoever, except for the parameters that can be set up in the User account, or connect Techloop with any other work, in particular with any other software. When using Techloop or when receiving any Service, the Company must not interfere with Techloop and the Provider’s technology in any manner whatsoever, in particular it must not use system orders that could change Techloop function or setting or that would systematically and repeatedly use Techloop in any manner whatsoever or that could damage anybody; the Company must not in particular use any software solution affecting Techloop functionality or safety. 

13.4     As a result of the Company registration, a free non-exclusive right shall be established to use

the databases contained in Techloop. Such right shall be granted without any territorial restrictions for remote access to Techloop via the Internet for the purposes for which Techloop is used, which is determined in particular by its functionalities, and shall terminate upon the expiration of the validity of the Registration or with termination of the relevant Agreement. Said right shall not include the right to utilize the entire content of the databases contained in Techloop or any qualitatively or quantitatively significant parts of such databases, or the right to repeatedly and systematically exploit any insignificant parts of the content of the databases contained in Techloop exceeding the extent necessary to use Techloop properly, in a non-automated way, through the User Account in Techloop. The Company shall not be entitled to connect the databases or the contents thereof with any other databases, to make them available to any third parties or use them in any other manner that is not usual. The Company shall not be entitled to use any software tools (robots) when using Techloop. 

13.5     The right to use Techloop or the databases contained therein, as stipulated in Article 13 of the Terms, shall not belong to the Company from the moment when it will become an Excluded User. Where the Company was an Excluded User already at the moment of the Registration, it did not acquire the above-mentioned right at all. Any use of Techloop by the Company without a valid claim is in conflict with legal regulations. In such an event, the Company shall be obliged, in addition to other claims arising for the Provider from legal regulations or from these Terms, to pay a contractual penalty to the Provider in the amount of the Fee for Subscription for a period of 12 calendar months and shall be obliged to release twice the unjustified enrichment that the Company obtained by using Techloop. The contractual penalty and the unjustified enrichment shall be payable on the basis of the Provider’s request within the deadline stated in such a request; the payment of the contractual penalty shall be without prejudice to the Provider’s right to full compensation for damage.

13.6     When using Techloop, the Company shall be obliged to maintain the extent of the use right and the purpose thereof in accordance this Article 13, the valid and effective legal regulations, in particular those regulating the intellectual property rights and copyright.

13.7     Unless the Parties agree otherwise, the Company shall not be entitled to allow any third parties to use Techloop. In case the Company is entitled to allow third parties to use Techloop, under no circumstances may it grant these third parties the right to use Techloop, even partially. 

13.8     No right to exercise property-related and/or author‘s personality-related rights to Techloop shall be assigned, provided or otherwise granted to the Company.

13.9   Company gives the irrevocable consent with publishing open Job Offers of Candidates on third party partners such as but not limited to job boards, job aggregators. Provider shall publish open Job Offers outside of the platform on the own job board on its Website.

Article 14 Personal Data Processing

14.1     In connection with the dissolution of Quantiq s.r.o. - as the personal data controller - as a result of the merger, the successor company, LMC s.r.o., as the Provider, becomes the personal data controller with effect from 1 January 2022.

14.2 The Provider shall process personal data in compliance with all applicable legal regulations in the area of personal data protection, in particular with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

14.3     The Provider declares that it has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures for personal data processing to avoid unauthorized or accidental access to personal data or a change, destruction or loss, unauthorized transmission, leak, any other unauthorized processing or any other misuse of personal data. The Provider undertakes to keep all data and media containing data at protected places and secured so that the possibility of access by an unauthorized person or any other unauthorized interference is minimized.

14.4     Further details, i.e. in particular:

14.4.1    what personal data are processed by the Provider;

14.4.2    how the Provider disposes with personal data;

14.4.3    who is the administrator and who is the processor of personal data; and

14.4.4    what are the data subject’s rights in relation to personal data processed by the Provider are available in a separate document, the Privacy Protection Principles of LMC s.r.o.

14.5 In the case of Services consisting of publication of job advertisements allowing a response of the Candidates the Provider may act as a processor of personal data. For this purpose, the Personal data processing policy available at the website forming a data processing agreement shall apply.

Article 15  Liability for Damage

15.1     The Provider shall not be liable for any damage

15.1.1 caused force majeure or defects outside the technical equipment of the Provider. Force majeure shall mean temporary or permanent extraordinary, unpredictable and unsurmountable obstacle that arose independently from the Provider;

15.1.2 caused by any outages of Techloop or damages caused thereby. The obligation to compensate for damage caused to natural rights or caused intentionally or through gross negligence shall not be affected by this Article.

15.2     The Provider shall not be liable for any Content uploaded via the User Account.

15.3     The Provider shall not be liable for Third Party Services, the quality, quantity or any consequences of such services or for any rights and obligations connected with such services, accessory rights or obligations, etc.

15.4     The Provider shall not be liable for the conduct of individual other Users or for their method of using Techloop, in particular such methods that are in conflict with legal regulations or these Terms, or for any damage and detriment thus incurred.

15.5     The Company shall indemnify the Provider, its affiliated persons, statutory body members, employees, partners and representatives for any losses, obligations to provide compensation for damage, penalties, costs and expenses, including reasonably incurred costs of legal protection, for any amounts agreed within the framework of settlement or an obligation recognized by a court or any other public authority to provide compensation for damage as a result of a third party’s claim in connection with breaching the Company’s obligations concerning the Content or other Company’s obligations.

Article 16 Change of the Terms

16.1     These Terms stipulate legal relationships concluded during routine course of business and concerning a large number of persons. The Provider shall be entitled to unilaterally change these Terms at any time, in particular in response to the relevant market development, changes or interpretation of legal regulations, changes of the judicature or in the event of changes in the Provider’s business activities.

16.2     Users shall be informed of any changes of the Terms in the form of a message in the User Account and/or by e-mail or by any other appropriate form no later than one month before such changes take effect; the changed version of the Terms shall be available on the Web before the changes take effect.   

16.3     The Company shall be entitled to reject a change of the Terms by a notice, which it shall deliver to the Provider no later than seven (7) days prior to the date of effectiveness of the changed Terms. In such an event, the Company’s Registration can be cancelled as of the date of effectiveness of the new Terms. If the Registration is not cancelled and the Provider will allow that the Company continues in using Techloop, the relationship between the Parties shall be governed by the existing Terms, but only in relation to the already concluded Agreements. Any Agreements that will be concluded after the effective date of the changed Terms shall be governed by the changed Terms, unless the Parties agree otherwise.

Article 17 Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

17.1     The legal relationships established by the Registration and any Agreement and the relationships connected therewith, including liability for any damage, shall be governed by Czech law and applicable laws of the European Union, with the exception of conflict of laws provisions.

The contractual language is Czech or English language depending on the language version in which the legal relationships are established.

17.2     Potential disputes shall be resolved by locally competent courts of the Czech Republic with jurisdiction over the place of the Provider’s registered office.

Article 18  Term and Termination of the Agreement

18.1     The Provider shall be entitled to cancel the Registration and/or to rescind any Agreement in

the event of a significant or repeated breach of the Company’s obligations arising from legal regulations, these Terms or any other covenants between the Parties. The following situations shall be considered as a significant breach:

18.1.1    default in making any payment exceeding 15 calendar days;

18.1.2    publication of Prohibited Content; or

18.1.3    if the Company entered into liquidation, if insolvency proceedings were commenced in respect of the Company or if its assets are subject to execution.

18.2     Any Party may terminate any Agreement concluded for an indefinite period of time for any reason whatsoever or without giving a reason. The notice period shall be two months and shall commence at the moment of delivery of the termination notice to the other Party. 

18.3     Termination of any Agreement shall be without prejudice to the duration of the Registration.

18.4     Termination of any Agreement shall be without prejudice to the Company’s obligation to pay

the remuneration for the Services arising of such Agreement provided during the effectiveness of such Agreement.

18.5     The termination shall be without prejudice to any covenants that, given their nature, should survive the termination of the Agreement or cancellation of the Registration (such as covenants regarding confidentiality or covenants regarding claims arising from breached obligations if such breach occurred prior to the termination).

Article 19 Other Covenants

19.1     The Provider shall not provide through Techloop any employment arrangement services (intermediary activity). The Provider shall not seek candidates for the Company for job vacancies and shall not provide any consultancy or information activities in the field of employment opportunities. All activities aimed at filling a vacancy shall be performed by the Company itself at its own liability in interaction with the Candidate/s.

19.2     The Parties undertake to keep confidential any data that are not public obtained in connection with the Services provided.

19.3     The Company shall be obliged to keep up-to-date its data stated in the User Account and in the Company Profile, including invoicing data.

19.4     The Provider shall be entitled to perform, for serious reasons, any changes, adjustments or corrections of the data stated in the User Account or the Company Profile, including the Content contained therein, to restrict access to such data or entirely remove the same. An important reason shall be in particular breach of these Terms or legal regulations by the Company (especially publication of the Prohibited Content), correction of evident inaccuracies or errors in writing, information updating, ensuring security or protection of rights and rightful interests of the Provider or any other Users. If there is no risk arising from default, the Provider may at first call on the Company that it remedies the default itself within a reasonable period and thereafter to proceed after expiration of such period itself or if it is apparent that the Company will not remedy the default itself (for example if the Company expressly rejects such remedy). 

19.5     The Provider shall also be entitled for serious reasons to temporarily restrict the Company’s access to certain Techloop functions or to the entire Techloop in events other than those mentioned above. In the event of repeated or serious breach of these Terms, in particular in the event of publication of the Prohibited Content or in the event of default in payment of any Fee or any portion thereof or breach of legal regulations, the Provider may restrict the Services provided for consideration or even cancel the Company Profile without prejudice to the Company’s obligation to pay the Fee agreed.

19.6     All acts performed in Techloop after entering the Company’s Login Data shall be attributable to and shall commit the Company (this shall be without prejudice to the provisions of Article 4.5 of the Terms). The Company declares that all acts in Techloop shall only be performed by the persons who are authorized to commit the Company in the relevant extent by their own acts.

Article 20  Final Provisions

20.1     The individual Services may be governed by separate special terms or conditions or by supplementary terms or conditions, which shall always prevail over these Terms. The current version of all terms and conditions shall be available on the Web.

20.2     Any Agreement (including acceptance of these Terms as a framework agreement) may also be concluded in writing. Unless agreed otherwise, the provisions on a change to the Terms contained in Article 16 of the Terms shall also apply in relation to such concluded agreements (i.e. such performed changes shall also apply in relation to agreements concluded in writing). The Parties may at any time agree on any individual conditions that would supersede in full or in part these Terms or any other terms or conditions concerning the Services.

20.3     The Company shall not be entitled to transfer any of its rights or liabilities concerning the Services to any third parties without the Provider’s prior written consent. The Provider shall be entitled to assign any Agreement covering provision of any Services (including the whole Registration) or even only certain rights and obligations arising from such Agreement to any third parties, even without the Company’s consent. In the event of transfer of the rights to Techloop to a third party, all Service Agreements shall also be assigned from the Provider to such third party, unless the Parties agree otherwise. 

20.4 Any use of Techloop by the Company without a valid claim is in conflict with legal regulations and the Company shall be obliged to pay the contractual penalty in accordance with clause 13.5 of these Terms.

20.5     These Terms shall take force and effect from 1. 8. 2022.