The code of conduct for users of the LMC electronic system


1.1 LMC s.r.o., with its registered office at Menclova 2538/2, Libeň, 180 00 Prague 8, ID No. 26441381, entered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, File C, Insert 82484 (“LMC”), issues this Code of Conduct for Users of the LMC Electronic System (“Code”), which sets out further conditions for use of the Atmoskop Service.

1.2 The terms used in the Code shall have the same meaning as the terms used in the “Atmoskop Product Terms for Users” (“Product Terms”).

1.3 In the event of any difference between this Code and the Product Terms, this Code shall prevail.

1.4 Our contact details are available at


2.1 LMC (“We”, “Us”) and Users (“You”) shall abide by the Code of Conduct. We have the Code:

(a) To present a credible and transparent picture of the Employer reviewed by You,

(b) To create and maintain a respectful environment within the LMC Electronic System intended for objective and constructive reviews of Employers,

(c) To inform You of the content You are allowed to post in the LMC Electronic System, and of the conduct that We consider undesirable and indecent, i.e. inappropriate for the LMC Electronic System,

(d) To inform You of how We shall deal with violations of this Code or with any other inappropriate or indecent conduct, and

(e) To inform You of how You may report any content that violates this Code.

2.2 By posting (providing) any information or any other content in the LMC Electronic System or by browsing its content, You agree to abide by this Code.

2.3 If You abide by the Code, We undertake:

(a) Not to edit, in any way, your review of an Employer or any other information provided by You,

(b) To publish the information provided by You exactly as You entered that information in the Form,

(c) To accept your critical opinion of an Employer and of Us,

(d) Not to delete information provided by You, even if so requested by the Employer reviewed,

(e) To delete any information and content posted by You or by any other Users of the LMC Electronic System that is in conflict with this Code as soon as we learn of the Code violation, and

(f) To respect that your opinion and other information may be sensitive to You, and therefore we shall publish it anonymously and without identifying You unless You identify yourself when reviewing an Employer, e.g. by violating the Code or posting your name.


3.1 Respect good manners, legal regulations and third-party rights, be polite and do not provide Us with any unwanted information, in particular do not enter the following in the Form fields to be completed and published:

(a) Anybody’s first name and surname or the exact name of your colleagues’ positions – to make sure all information published is anonymous. We believe You too would not be happy to see your name in a review;

(b) Any false or deliberately misleading information – only truthful information may be helpful to others;

(c) Any vulgarities, offensive remarks or terms, information that might damage someone’s honour or dignity, sexual or obscene content, threats or any content that encourages or condones violations of legal regulations. You certainly would not like to read reviews full of vulgarities;

(d) Sensitive and confidential information – your employment contract or applicable legal regulations may prohibit the disclosure of some sensitive and confidential information;

(e) Your Employer’s or anyone else’s trade secrets – for example, it is completely inappropriate to post information about projects You are participating in;

(f) Information about anyone’s race, culture, religious or political belief, ethnicity, nation, health condition or personal status, and any content that is otherwise discriminatory, incites hatred or advocates movements that suppress human rights and freedoms. We believe that nobody needs such information to form an opinion of an Employer;

(g) Any information or text that You are not sufficiently authorised to use or that violates third-party rights, including, but not limited to, copyrighted works copied from other websites, non-original content (i.e. content not created by You), trademarks, etc. Your review should be authentic, reflecting your, rather than someone else’s, feelings.

(h) Advertising, spam, competitions, lottery, gambling, other commercial communication, marketing or any links thereto. It is usually of little interest to those seeking employment with a particular Employer that they may make money by gambling at your website;

(i) Any code, or any part thereof, that in any way affects the LMC Electronic System or its use by third parties. Our LMC Electronic Systems should prevent You from placing any code in them. We believe You understand that a code causing damage to is in no way beneficial to Us or any other Users;

(j) Any content that may cause damage or any other harm to Us or to any other persons, or any otherwise inappropriate content that We suspect is unsuitable for the LMC Electronic System.

3.2 There is no single Employer where everything is just great or, on the other hand, bad. When writing a review, try to think not only about the bad things about working for the Employer but also about the good ones, whatever they may be.

3.3 Double-check your reviews before posting them and make sure they are easy to understand, free of linguistic errors and, most importantly, helpful to others, in particular those who may be seeking employment with the Employer.

3.4 Please limit the number of your reviews to one per Employer and please avoid posting multiple reviews of the same Employer, whatever your intentions may be. We believe our technology is robust enough to detect such attempts.

3.5 If You are in any way forced to provide a particular review of an Employer, You can report that to Us by using the procedure set out below.

3.6 If You suspect that there have been attempts to compromise the objectivity of a review or that the reviewer has actually never worked for the Employer, or if You have any other information that the profile may have been compromised, please report that to Us by using the procedure set out below.


4.1 If You fail to abide by the Code, if information provided by You to Us does not meet the Code requirements, and for other reasons, We may, in our sole discretion:

(a) Choose not to use such information (whether in part or in full), or to delete such information from our LMC Electronic Systems, where such information is posted,

(b) Replace inappropriate information that violates the Code with harmless text, such as “xxxxxx”,

(c) Delete your account at (if You have one) or block You from posting any further information within the LMC Electronic System if You commit a serious or repeated violation of the Code.

4.2 Please note that is an LMC Electronic System that operates automatically, and that We do not interfere with it, except for routine maintenance and development. Nor do We check the content of the LMC Electronic System unless a violation of the Code is reported to Us or becomes known to Us through other means.

4.3 If You find any content that You believe violates the Code, it is your duty to report it to Us by sending an email to our complaints address – or to the contact details provided in the “Contact” tab in the LMC Electronic System. For every content You report to Us, please provide in particular the following:

(a) A description of the content (e.g. URL link, path, screenshot, the Employer’s name, extract from the content, etc.),

(b) The reasons You believe the content violates this Code or is otherwise in conflict with legal regulations.

4.4 We shall address your report of a Code violation. If We find that a Code violation has occurred, We shall act according to this Code and the severity of the violation.

4.5 In addition to the posting of multiple reviews of the same Employer, any misuse of contact details for reporting Code violations is also deemed inappropriate by Us.

4.6 If any untruthful information is posted on an Employer Profile, We shall not delete that Profile since doing so would be inconsiderate towards other users who may want to review the Employer. Instead, We shall take the steps necessary to remove the content that violates the Code, e.g. by deleting the untruthful reviews.


5.1 This Code comes into force and effect on 1. 8. 2022.