Product terms for users of


1.1 LMC s.r.o., with its registered office at Menclova 2538/2, Libeň, 180 00 Prague 8, ID No. 26441381, entered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, File C, Insert 82484 (“LMC”), issues these Atmoskop Product Terms for Users (“Product Terms”), which set out further conditions for use of the LMC Electronic System and related Services.

1.2 The rights and obligations of LMC and of the User that are not expressly provided for in these Product Terms shall be governed by the Terms of Use of LMC Electronic Systems available at (“ Terms of Use”), the Code and the provisions of the relevant legal regulations. In the event of any difference between these Product Terms and the Terms of Use the present Product Terms shall prevail.

1.3 Our contact details are available at


2.1 The terms used in these Product Terms shall have the following meaning:

(a) Form: the pre-defined parts of the LMC Electronic System that allow entering and storing data, text or other selected information by the User.

(b) Code: the Code of Conduct for Users of the LMC Electronic System Atmoskop.

(c) Post: a set of information that is created by a User or Participating Employer completing the Form and that is available on the Profile.

(d) Contributor: the User who has completed the Form, ticked the appropriate Form boxes and sent the Form to the LMC Electronic System for storage, thereby creating a Post.

(e) Employer Profile: a set of data resulting from the collection of information from Posts concerning one and the same Employer, and possibly extended with information collected from publicly available sources.

2.2 Any other terms used in these Product Terms but not defined herein shall have the meaning defined in the Terms of Use.


3.1 The Atmoskop Service is available through the LMC Electronic System available at, within which Posts by Contributors are published on Employer Profiles.

3.2 The aim of the Service is to provide information:

(a) To Users who are or may be interested in working for Employers of other Users,

(b) About Employers in order to enable Users to understand the corporate culture of Employers at least within the scope of the Employer Profiles.

3.3 The Atmoskop Service works by automatically processing Posts and generating the content of Employer Profiles on the basis of the content of individual Posts.

3.4 Only anonymous information is published within the LMC Electronic System; the Contributor’s identity remains secret and LMC does not share information about Contributors with Employers. No personal data that Users share with LMC when completing the Form is published.

3.5 Employer Profiles are at all times accessible to all Users; some information contained in an Employer Profile may be available to selected Users or Employers only.

3.6 LMC shall not be held liable for any violation of any obligations, in particular the Contributor’s obligations arising out of the law of the Czech Republic. The Contributor acknowledges that he/she may have employment-related obligations under applicable laws and regulations currently in force and effect.

3.7 Unless otherwise set out in these Product Terms, LMC provides the Atmoskop Service to Users free of charge.


4.1 Users access the LMC Electronic System through a web browser.

4.2 The Contributor is allowed to submit only one Post per Employer. If the Contributor submits any additional Posts regarding the same Employer, they shall not be stored in the LMC Electronic System. The Contributor undertakes not to attempt to submit more than one Post per Employer. The Contributor must complete the Form and create a Post using his/her own email address and must not enter any untruthful information about his/her Employer in the Form.

4.3 The Contributor may edit or delete his/her own Posts by sending a request to LMC at or in any other manner permitted by LMC. The deletion of a Post will only result in deleting all content of that particular Post.

4.4 The User acknowledges that, on the basis of his/her employment with the Employer arising in particular out of his/her employment or other contract or on the basis of Section 301(d) of Act 262/2006 Coll., Labour Code, as amended, which sets out that employees must refrain from acting contrary to their employer’s legitimate interests, he/she may be responsible for the information provided. The User acknowledges that non-compliance with his/her obligations under the preceding sentence may be considered a violation of the employee’s duties and may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal, for which LMC does not assume any liability.

4.5 The User is entitled to extract the database of reviews stored in the LMC Electronic System, even repeatedly, systematically and automatically, if such extraction concerns a qualitatively and quantitatively insignificant part of the database and at the same time such extraction is usual, reasonable and does not harm the legitimate interests of LMC. However, it is strictly forbidden to overload the LMC Electronic System or to act in any way with the aim of creating a parallel database to the LMC Electronic System database or creating a service competing with LMC or some of its services.


5.1 By viewing the content of the LMC Electronic System and by posting (providing) any information or any other content within the LMC Electronic System, the User agrees to abide by the Code.

5.2 If, while using the LMC Electronic System, the User finds any content that violates the Code, the User shall report that content to LMC in the manner described in the  Code.


6.1 These Product Terms come into force and effect on 1. 8. 2022.