Product terms of Práce za rohem for the Users


1.1 LMC s.r.o., with its registered office at Menclova 2538/2, Libeň, 180 00 Prague 8, ID No. 264 41 381, entered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, File C, Insert 82484 (“LMC”) issues these Product Terms for the Práce za rohem Service for the Users (“Product Terms”) which stipulate further terms of use of the LMC Electronic System Práce za rohem and relating Services to the Users.

1.2 The rights and obligations of LMC and the User that are not explicitly stipulated by these Product Terms shall be governed by the Terms of Use of the LMC Electronic Systems available at (“Terms of Use”) and provisions of relevant legal regulations. If the Product Terms and Terms of Use differ, these Product Terms shall prevail.

1.3 The Práce za rohem Service shall be offered preferentially through a mobile application which however does not rule out the expansion of its individual functionalities to other LMC Electronic Systems.

1.4 These Product Terms shall also apply to other Users who browse, read or enter their data in the LMC Electronic Systems or provide LMC with their data through the LMC Electronic Systems or in a different manner in relation to the use of the Práce za rohem Services.

1.5 These Product Terms shall be available to the User in the form of text in the LMC Electronic System.

1.6 Contact information is available at


2.1 The terms used in these Product Terms, however not specified in detail by these Product Terms, shall have the meaning defined in the Terms of Use.


3.1 The Service shall be provided by LMC through the LMC Electronic System which involves a platform for the interconnection of the Users with the Employers, Mediators and other entities with a possibility to enter into employment or another similar contractual relationship between the User and the Employer.

3.2 For the purpose listed in Article 3.1 of these Product Terms, the Employer and the User may agree on a labour or similar contractual relationship, the content, form and other formal requirements of which are solely up to the Employer and the User; LMC shall not be liable for the breach of any obligations in this respect, primarily obligations of the User and the Employer arising from the law of the Czech Republic.

3.3 The Services operate based on an automated interconnection of the Employers with the Users, and the personal Profile in the LMC Electronic System shall be administered by the User himself/herself. If interested, the User may be provided with assistance in the completion of the User Profile or completion of the registration (e.g. by an interview with an employee of LMC).

3.4 The Práce za rohem Service shall be provided by LMC free of charge, unless these Product Terms stipulate otherwise.


4.1 The access to all functionalities of the Práce za rohem LMC Electronic System shall not be possible without creation of the Account. Pursuant to the installation of the LMC Electronic System, certain data of the User may be saved at LMC.

4.2 The User performs the registration himself/herself by installing the LMC Electronic System in his/her mobile device. The registration process involves entering of the authorisation code that shall be delivered to the User to his/her mobile device.

4.3 As part of the registration process or amendments to the Profile, the User may provide LMC with his/her personal data or other information, primarily identification data (name, surname, address), contact information (email, telephone number) and biographical data.

4,4 The User acknowledges that the uninstallation of the LMC Electronic System does not automatically result in the Account closure. The Account shall be closed and deleted five (5) years after the last activity of the User in this LMC Electronic System.


5.1 The access to the Profile during the registration or access to the Profile upon a new installation of the LMC Electronic System (on a new device or upon repeated installation) shall be protected by sending of a unique authorisation code to the mobile device that is treated as the login information in accordance with the Terms of Use.

5.2 Any other accesses to the Profile shall be possible by the launch of the LMC Electronic System, the security of which shall be ensured by the User by setting of his/her mobile device.

5.3 LMC shall not be liable for any insufficient securing of the mobile device by the User, or any potential damage or potential claims of third parties arising from such insufficient security.


6.1 Product Terms in this wording shall become valid and take effect on 1. 8. 2022.